Swype Corporate Cards

Corporate Cards

Do Expenses The Smart Way With Our Company Expenses Cards For You And Your Co-Workers

Empower Yourself And Your Team With Corporate Expense Cards

Easier For Your Co-Workers

Staff can make purchases from your account with their own company expense card. No need to fork out from their own pocket and then claim.

Easier For Your Accounting

Attach receipts to transactions and use Swype Accounting Services. Or sync your account with your accountancy software of choice.

Easier For You

Simplify your company spending. Everything itemised per person. View in real-time. No need to process expense claims.

Business Expenses Made Easy

You can order a Swype Corporate Card for free and start using it immediately. All transactions are synced in your Swype Bank account and Business expenses are easy to manage. In addition, you’ll be able to set different spending limits for each team member’s card – or have no limit at all.

Protect And Manage Access

View your team’s expenses, all in one place. With Swype's company expense cards, you have easy access to see exactly who has spent what, allowing you to keep a hold on company costs.

Customize Transaction Labels

Swype categories will automatically label your transactions, helping you to keep track of your purchases. Or customize your view by creating labels of your own.

Business solutions for every type of business

We know what takes to run your own business, the sweat and tears that go into be “your own boss”. We’ve been there, done that and are still doing it 24/7. We ensure we do payments really, really well for you, so that you can focus on what you do best, servicing your customers!
Getting paid is probably the most important thing in running a business. You need a partner that will take care of that for you, hassle free!

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Grow Your Business With Swype

We know what it takes to be a business owner. Being a small business owner and having to deal with mundane admin tasks can be detrimental to one’s business. That’s why we built Swype, to allow all entrepreneurs out there to operate their business on autopilot.

Invoicing & Payments

Send invoices, accept card payments and sync it all up with your accounting system.

Order App

Let customers order and pay directly from their phone. No apps, no downloads

Point Of Sale

Swype presents new technology that enables simple ordering and payments processing, with simplified hardware integration, WiFi, and Bluetooth capability